A Siblings Advise

Okay, so I’m currently not speaking to a sibling and it doesn’t bother me not one bit. Because I am sick and tired of 3 pushing their issues on me. I won’t be naming them because that would be just ignorant. That I can be. I was told by my mother before she passed to stick together. From my mother I have a sister and 2 brothers. Of those from my father a sister and one brother and I have 5 other sisters and 2 other brothers. For the most part we all get along. Together it’s 10 kids, grand kids, and great grand kids. The other moms have always treated me like their own. When I got in trouble I heard it from all aspects down the line. Which was good because I needed that.

Anyway one of my younger siblings and I were having a talk. And she asked why am I arguing with people? I pretty much didn’t have an answer. So, from that day on. I took her advice. Just because someone wants to be dumb and bring you their issues and all. It’s okay to say no. Just say no and don’t worry about it.

So one of my sister’s kids ended up at my home while the mom was out of town. I didn’t catch an attitude or anything. I had to run out to the store anyway. So I kindly dropped him off back home. See this sibling always used to do that. But felt I should break my neck to help her when something good happens. No, I don’t have to.

I learned people will try and tear you down and even hurt you emotionally when they are miserable. At this point it doesn’t bother me that I do not bother with this person. Maybe one day she will get it together.


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