MovingYou have to

I hate moving because that’s when you see what all you have. Plus you gotta pack it all up and go through things. The children’s defitition of packing is throwing it all in a gox and lets go mom. I’m like wait no.

So I had to go through their things and unpack and repack the boxes. What work that took. Then they weren’t folded. I’m like you guys know how to fold clothes. I’mm like well the games and all go off until everything gets packed right. They get so mad. They be okay.

Elijah is my cleaner of certain things. Nebaye likes to clean sometimes. Kenny is okay but that daughter. That girl better get a great education a be well off. That chick does not like to clean anything. She gets mad at me because I make he go back and redo it. I tell her all the time the boys know how to cook certain things whats your issue. I had to repack her room and help her fold her clothes. GOD be with me. She takes all my energy.


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