The new me!

I have decided as of this year to stop letting people use and abuse me. It’s not healthy nor cool. See there are many types of people in this world and I personally am one of those that is a giver and has a heart. Well these last 2 years I have learned so much. They say as you get older you get wiser. And I’m glad I see the light.

I try and look for the good in people. That is my biggest problem. I have come to accept that some people are just down right lazy, and don’t want things out of life but expect you to give them those things. No, sorry it does not work like that. People grow up.

Okay first thing first. If you have children Do Not expect me to watch them unless I want to. For one thing you not paying and they not mine. Second, I’m not your babysitter and your kids do do wrong. So get that out your mind. They do everything and then some. I don’t need my children being come at with some crazy stuff. It’s called protect your children. Third we all had to put our children in childcare at one point in time so do the same. I pay my son to keep his siblings. Don’t thing your any special. You thought so wrong. I know people going to be mad but I really do not care. Children are children and for an adult to say a child did something and they have their own money is just wrong.

I have learned that some parents feel it’s okay to let their kids hit boys and so on. It’s not because the other parents most likely don’t let their kids hit girls. It teaches a pattern. Right now I don’t care if people dislike me. It won’t be the first nor the last. I’m here to take care my children and show them it takes hard work. They look at my mistakes and yes my children do not bite their tongues. If something is wrong they say it. If someone does something to them they tell me. And I handle it. If my child is doing something wrong tell them to stop because they do not want me to know about it.

My children are spoiled rotten but I take care of them. They want for nothing. I have learned not to let anyong stay with me. Because they try and get the upper hand and they feel they don’t have to clean up after themselves. They feel they can do or say whatever and it’s okay. I know I am not the easiest but at the end of the day it’s mine and I would expect it to be clean. See thats where I fail. I have let 3 sibling live with me before and never again because they cause issues. I am tired of fixing and fixing. It’s time to grow up. Life is hard and cruel and it will chew you up and spit you out. Life is too short to bicker and argue so imma love you from a distance. And thats how it has to be sometimes because I know for a fact they would never return the favor.


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