Okay, my children know I love The Transformers. It’s the inner kid thing. Well, I saw the last one and they are making a new one. It comes out 2019. It’s about Bublebee. I can’t wait. I grew up on the cartoon. It always had some sort of message at the end about life and people. Even with the fighting with the Deceptacons.

I didn’t like them because they were mean robots. But Bumblebee was always my favorite and he has been in everyone. Along with Optomus Prime. It was a cool, neat movie. My children won’t look at them with me. One day when they get older and married and have children. Their children will be hooked. Because I’m going to have them watching it. Just like my mom did with my son. He looks at wrestling actually they all do. She got me good with that one.

Anyway I can’t wait till 2019 when it realeases.


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