Parents with drug issues

I was just reading an article online from people and it was very disturbing. Actually, I read several articles and they all were very upsetting. Me being a mother of 4 beautiful children. I take my job as a mom serious because those children see you and know you. They are innocent from the day they are born. One article was about a couple had a baby and gave it a pain killer that they give heroin attics. I understand that people use drugs for whatever reason but I find using them as a sign of being weak and not doing what needs to be done. Accept the things that happen in your life and move on. Seek help but don’t give your newborn drugs because you could not stay off them while you were pregnant. And then what I really don’t understand is why the hospital did not catch the signs. That upsets me more I believe. Then to learn that 2 of the other children had meth in their systems. Really? It grosses me out. I know people that used or use drugs and their reasons are a bunch of bull to me. Unless someone is holding me down and injecting it into my body, it isn’t happening.

I have my own issues and all but I refuse to use drugs to deal with the issues. The issues that with therapy and help can be fixed. I get it some people just can’t do it. Well if you don’t get clean for yourself do it for your children. They are precious and now both parents are in prison and the kids are with the older kids father. I can’t say if he knew or not but if he did then he doesn’t need them either. They are so young and already introduced to what drugs are. How Crazy.

The other article was even crazier. How do a husband and wife abuse  2 children sexually under the age of 8 for over 6 months. Kudos to the little boy that knew it wasn’t right. Who in their right mind can even do something so gross. How do you make 2 innocent people do sexual things to each other and to the two adults? Who does that? That really blew my mind and to see they only got little time is what amazes me more. And when she gets out of prison 15 years probation because she pleads out.  This says oh just molest any kid and I will get a little time. How sick. What’re your thoughts?


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