Not Today!

You ever wonder why everyone wanna be into your business when it don’t even concern them? Here is my insight, nothing better to do but try and make you upset. It didn’t work. See the thing is I don’t have to deal with any of them and don’t. I chose to let the courts handle it. That way I stay out of trouble and keep my calm and composure. See I learned things happen for a reason and I almost fell for it.

God got something better for me. I can’t help my kids father is a woman beater and I have been threatened too many times by his family. See I don’t bother them they constantly got something to say. People get fed up with the nonsense and they do what’s best the court will do what’s best.

Too many people want try and play this or that side. I can’t help your child. I don’t even like him. To be accused of bothering them when they are on my block list was an out right lie. And it’s a shame that you would call people to fight me as other children or a group of females. But God is good and I laugh that drama off because I know my children are somebody and they are so special and for a grandmother to sit and yell that they ain’t shit. Shows she really don’t need bee around my children.

Im the type of parent, I wish one my boys would hit a female. So I pray and call on the Lord Almighty and ask him to give me the strength because you will never have my babies. All things have failed. This is for anyone whom is a domestic violence survivor, yes the other party is always going to hate because they are just sad. I feel like this if you like it I love it. I have a man and I’m very pleased. So trust don’t want nor need his broke tail but he is going to take care his responsibilities. And the court will make sure of that.

So next time your doubting to call the police please do. This makes your case and it helps you with everything you need. He can’t even be around children but you see me bothering him. No, I have someone if I need he makes sure they got and he don’t put his hands on me.

Remember this Love don’t hurt. If they claim they love you and still cheating and hitting you, that ain’t love. You being very naive. So seek help. It has taken me over 10 years to confront and tell their father never to contact me. So I don’t know what they are talking about. God don’t like ugly and always stand up for yourself. Never think it’s your fault. Your life is too important.


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